The inspection of heating and air conditioning systems aims to improve the energy efficiency of the systems through the recommendations made by the inspector.

Heating systems and air conditioning systems with a rated effective output of more than 70 kW must be inspected every five years. Inspections may be waived where an automation and control system has been installed or where the system is covered by an energy performance contract or an agreed energy performance criterion or where the system is contracted out to an operator or network operator. Optionally, systems with a capacity of less than 70 kW may also be inspected.

The inspection procedure for heating and air conditioning systems is set out in the “Heating and Air Conditioning Systems Inspection Guide” issued by the Energy Agency.

The inspection of air conditioning systems is carried out by air conditioning system inspectors and the inspection of heating systems is carried out by heating system inspectors. In each case the inspector shall deliver an inspection report to the building owner, which shall record the inspector’s recommendations for improving the performance of the system and/or part of the system.

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