Buildings contribute substantially to energy consumption in the long term due to their long life cycle and therefore it is very important to adopt appropriate measures for energy saving and more efficient use of energy, both in new and renovated buildings. To this end, minimum energy performance requirements shall apply in the following cases:

The requirements for each building differ depending on which of the above cases they fall into and depending on the type of building.

The minimum energy requirements are set by a Decree issued by the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry. For its issuance, the Minister shall consult the Advisory Committee for the Promotion of Energy Conservation in Buildings and the Promotion of Near Zero Energy Buildings established by law. The minimum energy performance requirements must be reviewed at least every five years to take into account technological and economic developments in the building and energy sectors. In order to ensure that the minimum energy performance requirements have a favourable cost-benefit ratio over the life-cycle of the building, cost-optimal levels of minimum energy performance requirements should be calculated at least every five years.

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